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Alliander is an energy network company. For the past century, they have been committed to helping people live, work, travel and relax. They are bringing an open and sustainable energy market closer to the consumer. We are very pleased to be working closely with our colleagues at Alliander. This multinational company is working on the energy of tomorrow.

The “Onderhoud op Orde” program (Operational Excellence) has been started to better determine which maintenance needs to be executed first, it is smartly planned, performed in a uniform manner in 1 system and supported by mobile applications.

OXplus has been asked to share our experiences and advise Alliander about SCRUM / Agile after various challenges to deliver the results and meet the clients expectations.


The move to Agile is very simple, but at the same time extremely difficult. Implementing Agile processes is the simple bit; stopping the doing and thinking in projects to deliver your products is the hard bit. It’s hard because projects are probably embedded in your organizational culture, and to stop doing them challenges the values and beliefs of nearly everyone.We work closely with the people at Alliander to make this modern business transition successful. OXplus is facilitating courses and workshops on Scrum, Lean and Agile and we are coaching the organization making sure that the different teams working within the Alliander company can make a quick change to the newest technologies and work processes.


Scrum is a great way to make sure that transitions within an organization run smooth. Using the Scrum method, we can change teams completely from the inside, make changes quicker and boost the productivity of the teams in any organization. Working in so called: “sprints” we can create results for companies within weeks, and adopt new goals faster.

Also a unique feature of the scrum method is that the decision to change the work processes or to adapt a new application is made by the teams and employees within the company together with our certified SCRUM masters. In this way the employees will support the change or adaption faster and change will start immediately within the organization.

We have chosen for OXplus, because we find them to be a pragmatic partner that helps us hands-on to set up our new program-based approach. Both in the role of advisor (Henri Snijders) as in the role of Scrum Master (Boaz Rijff), OXplus helps us to achieve the desired results.
Oxplus is a third party that is down to earth. Next to advising they also directly help to realize. Also OXplus has a lot of experience setting up Scrum / Agile in projects en programs. It is that combination that made us decide to work with OXplus.

Diedrik PeppelmanProgram Manager | Alliander

The transition towards Agile is likely to require significant organizational changes. Analysts may find themselves working for the business and becoming product owners. You may have to reduce your project management headcount. Not all changes can be managed in a soft, comfortable way, and sometimes a leap of faith is required. Our OXplus Change Managers and Scrum Masters supports and coaches the organization at all levels. It's important that both key- / end-users and key stakeholders are closely involved, engaged and understand the need for change and that its clearly communicated how change will be achieved.

Henri SnijdersCEO | OXplus

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