Asset Management for Urban Rail Systems in Europa conference

Asset Management for Urban Rail Systems in Europa conference

On 12-13th of September OXplus sponsored the ‘Asset Management for Urban Rail Systems in Europa’ conference in the beautiful Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam Hotel. The event was kicked-off by GVB’s CEO Alexandra van Huffelen. During these 2 days several international Asset Managers and Industry leaders presented their current projects and vision on topics like:

1. Current regulatory requirements and guidelines relevant to asset management in rail

2. Strategies for effective implementation of asset management plans

3. Aligning business practices with organisation goals

4. Adoption of new techniques and maintenance regimes

5. Outsourcing, procurement and supply chain management

6. Utilising risk management for achieving value-for-money

7. Data management for intelligent decision making in maintenance and capital investment

8. New technologies (smartphones, Big Data, Internet of Things, drones, etc.) and future of asset management in urban rail

9. Employing state-of-the-art condition assessment sensing, life cycle costing and forecasting systems

10. Leveraging technology to improve system effectiveness and gain operations efficiency

OXplus presented their vision, strategy and Value Added projects related to Internet of Things (IoT), SmartApps & Decision Support tools for Urban Rail. Our Agile way of working (both Scrum and DevOps) was well received among the attendees.

‘As a result of the conference everyone agreed that corporation between all parties (Operators, Maintainers, OEM, Product and Consulting providers) becomes more critical in order to adopt and effectively implement new technologies and changing business requirements