Driving results for Asset Owners (ROSCOs)

As OXplus we realize the key measure of a Rolling Stock Company (ROSCO)’s success is utilisation of wagons as that is the period for which a fee is charged. We help ROSCOs to achieve their aim of at least 99% utilisation. We also see it as a main challenge to optimize railway transportation and guarantee performance and innovation of the assets in line with customer’s requirements while insuring optimal safety of materials and employees.

Through our solutions we help you to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increase the safety of your vehicles and ensure compliance with the latest regulations and International standards.

Asset Owners
Asset Owners


Common Goals include:

  • Offer a wide range of rolling stock;
  • Offer value-added leasing solutions;
  • Guarantee the highest levels of safety, availability and reliability;
  • Increase the use of Predictive Maintenance;
  • Unburden customers so they can concentrate on their core business;
  • Always remain competitive in a fast-changing industry by embracing and introducing the latest innovations.


Common Challenges include:

  • Drive competitiveness to keep you and your clients profitable;
  • Meet the demands of Train Operators to keep your fleet an attractive proposition;
  • Deal with the threats and opportunities posed by innovation;
  • Improve train reliability and availability;
  • Enhance your fleet’s residual value;
  • Meet legislative requirements;
  • Handle obsolescence.
Asset Owners / ROSCOs
Reference case

Predictive Maintenance for Siemens Mobility!

Montreal, Canada – OXplus builds smart systems that use IoT data generated by the vehicles in order to predict when repair or replacement is needed. For the purpose of predictive maintenance, OXplus has implemented the Siemens Mobility CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Information System) offering, CORMAP®, an IBM Maximo based solution, and integrated it with Railigent®, the Mindsphere® based IoT platform of Siemens Mobility.

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Enterprise Asset Management for Asset Owners

The benefits of using Enterprise Asset Management include:

  • Less time and cost to introduce new vehicles into service;
  • Reduced cost and increased safety by management of tires and wheels;
  • Reduced costs by quickly processing all eligible warrantee claims;
  • Reduced fuel consumption by monitoring usage;
  • Increase the efficiency and safety of the fleet by quickly recalling or upgrading the fleet;
  • Ensure compliance at all times by management of licenses, permits and insurance information;
  • Advanced reporting capabilities;
  • Availability as a SaaS offering or for on premise use.

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