Push the envelope in terms of Maintenance Planning

While the possibilities in technology are increasing and expanding, Maintenance Planning is a process that in most cases still features a lot of manual work. Through the years we have seen a lot of different challenges in the Maintenance process and are always looking for ways to make Service and Maintenance more efficient and effective to not only reduce costs, but also make the Maintenance process more progressive and fun. While helping our clients to Maintain an increasing fleet with the same Resource Capacity, OXplus saw a chance to push the envelope in terms of Maintenance Planning.

A great opportunity in making your Maintenance Planning more efficient lies in the re-routings that are often occurring due to a lack of clear insight in the Capacity and Availability of your fleet and depots. Our clients are always looking for one centralized system that provides this clear insight into all parameters you need to make First Time Right Planning Decisions. By creating a system that can make its own Planning Decisions, based on self-learning algorithms that see the way planning is done and look at ways to autonomously optimize faulty decisions, a lot of these decisions and redundant work can be removed to make your Maintenance Planning increasingly more efficient.

Capacity Planner Process

First Time Right Planning Decisions based on the Correct Data

By collecting and presenting all necessary data practically and intelligibly in a centralized environment, Capacity Planner gives you full control over your fleet by showing exactly what capacity in your depots is used and what capacity is still available. This way it can make First Time Right Planning Decisions based on correct data. Whenever a depot is being used at full capacity, the Capacity Planner will locate another depot that has availability to perform maintenance and makes sure the work order is assigned to this location. This will result in less re-routings due to faulty decisions and the elimination of a lot of redundant manual work, causing a significant increase in Maintenance efficiency and productivity.

Are you looking for ways to increase service efficiency? Or are you facing re-routings and downtime due to faulty maintenance planning? We are happy to tell you more about how OXplus Capacity Planner can help you make your Service Planning First Time Right.

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