The Capacity Planner for Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) is live!

On the 15th of Februari 2018, OXplus and Widget Brain won the European Tender for optimized service planning at the Dutch Railways. Through this revolutionary collaboration they have totally changed the way Dutch Railways does its service planning. The new and innovative Business Application made by OXplus and Widget Brain, that recently went in use at one of Dutch Railways’ service locations, makes it possible to automate the planning of maintenance and service through autonomous algorithms. Trains are back on track much faster, which makes the journey for train travelers much smoother, by providing higher availability of the fleet.

We are currently working on the reference case to show you the process from getting started and mapping the opportunities and benefits for Dutch Railways, to creating the Business Application and going live at the first location along with the first reactions of its users. Sign up below to be the first to receive the in depth reference case!

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"By implementing the Capacity Planner we have upgraded the way of service planning into a highly automated data driven process."

Arjen van den HonertBusiness Consultant | OXplus

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