OXplus Capacity Planner

The OXplus Capacity Planner is a solution for Autonomous Maintenance Planning. It is designed to make First Time Right Decisions for the allocation of preventive and corrective maintenance. Our client faced a lot of maintenance-planning challenges combined with a 30% increase in fleet size that had to be maintained with the existing resource capacity.

Increase your Service Capacity!

By using Smart Algorithms to make First Time Right Decisions, OXplus Capacity Planner makes it possible to service 30% more vehicles with the same existing resource capacity. OXplus Capacity Planner already results in a 33% increase in Service Capacity and is now ready to be implemented at more clients.

Railway Operators


Challenges Capacity Planner Solves

Fleet Expansion

Worldwide rolling stock is growing with 15.5 billion in the next 5 years.


New fleets are more and more software driven, entering a new technology era of fleet operations.

Knowledge Gap

New technology + 33% of technical workforce is retiring within 10 years.

KPI Driven

Customer agreements are more performance driven.

Data Overload

More and more data available, lack in oversight of data.

Manual Planning

Schedules are created manually by best effort instead of best output.

Insight in Feasibility

No insight in whether created maintenance schedules are feasible.

Multiple Systems

Multiple systems are being used to gain the right information for planning purposes.

Service Disruption

Service disruption occurrence daily, requires big rescheduling efforts.

Administration Burden

Too much administration effort required instead of conflict focused.


Capacity Planner Achievements so far


Increase in Service Capacity


more First Time Right Decisions


Operated Trainsets


Work Orders handled daily


Data Mutations per Day


One Application to rule them all

The biggest problem clients face is the lack of one centralized system that gives them insight into all parameters needed to make First Time Right decisions. OXplus Capacity Planner gives you:

  • Data-driven dispatching, assigning and maintenance planning;
  • Full visibility of Service and Maintenance Capacity, Planning and Work Management;
  • Autonomous “First Time Right” decision making for dispatching of Service Requests;
  • (Automatically) Autonomous Maintenance Scheduling.


Supported Business Processes

OXplus Capacity Planner brings a centralized environment that collects all necessary data and presents it practically and intelligibly. Besides, the Capacity Planner can also automate several processes, taking care of simple decisions and removing redundant work. By making the processes faster, providing more insight into data, and allowing the employees to focus on more pressing cases, the system increases First Time Right decisions and optimizes the overall process efficiency. This way companies can regain insight into their fleet’s and depots’ capacity and availability, eventually decreasing the number of faulty decisions.

Capacity Planner Processes

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