Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

We will help you to improve your maintenance performance in a changing energy market.

The energy and utility market is far from boring. The energy transition allows for many changes, replacing traditional ways with new ones:
• Traditional and fossil energy production decreases, wind and solar (green) energy increases
• Local energy production and usage by traditional customers
• Electric transport
• Energy storage

In this world where demand and supply of energy change and the energy transition is in full swing, it is vital for traditional players in the energy market to cope with these changes. These changes to the network operators, suppliers and energy producers also a great impact on their assets. Excellent Enterprise Asset Management is required. OXplus can offer help to get this done by providing the following:
• Better planning and determination of asset maintenance
• Introducing business applications like EAM software and mobile applications
• Support EAM implementation by using the Agile/ Scrum approach
• Ensure that maintenance is performed from the owners perspective by the maintenance field personnel.
• Combine SCADA and Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) data with Financial
Prediction Models, to provide the optimum decision support tool to manage Wind Turbine Assets.

With our expertise in the Energy & Utility market, Enterprise Asset Management and the Agile/ Scrum approach, we can help you to keep asset maintenance at a high level and be ready for the future.

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