Environment policy statement

Environment policy statement

Veghel, 2018

OXplus B.V. considers it to be one of its most important objectives for its company activities to have the least possible effect on the environment. Managing the environmental burden and limiting the environmental risks are the primary responsibility of both the management and every employee of OXplus B.V..

Caring for the environment will be a structural and coherent element of the other company objectives. All employees are obliged to perform their work in accordance with the company’s set procedures and the corresponding policy and also to regard this as a natural way of working.

The policy of OXplus B.V. is to:

  • Provide services which fulfil customer expectations with the main focus being on sustainability.
  • Perform business operations in a way that protects the environment and guarantees the health and safety of its employees.

In order to implement this policy OXplus B.V. observes the following rules:

  • Acknowledge the importance of the environment in terms of business and commercial matters.
  • Fulfil laws and regulations relating to environmental matters.
  • Train and educate every employee, make them responsible for fulfilling the policy and enable them to resolve any issues which stand in the way of continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Lastly our company has set itself the goal, as a result of the policy, to use an effective environmental management system to minimise the production of (residual) waste and to limit any negative influence on the air, water and soil as a consequence of performing business operations.

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