Working with Toyota

We were already helping Toyota with several small advisory processes when they asked us to host their central software environment for assetmanagement. They were already using IBM Maximo for the production plant in the UK, but wanted to further unroll this within Europe. Because we are an expert in this software and have our own datacenterfacility, we could answer to their needs. We are currently managing their datacenter and supply the hosting of IBM Maximo for the UK, France and Russia. Several other European locations will follow in the near future several. Toyota Motor Europe holds its headquarters in Brussels, were the department responsible for IT-applications and infrastructure is located as well.


We supply Toyota with an “Infrastructure As A Service” (IAAS). Therefore Toyota does not have to purchase their own server-hardware and hire people to manage the environment. We make sure the hardware is located in a central datacenter were we have installed the application. Toyota has added data to the application and is responsible for the configuration and equipment of the software. Next to IBM Maximo there also is a mobile solution (EXT7000) installed that provides mechanics with SCADA alerts. We provide solutions for everything related to (possible problems with) infrastructure.

In Development

The UK, France and Russia run together in one database. It is a multi-language application, so depending on the location were a login takes place and the person, the system automatically applies the correct language. Later this year Turkey and Poland will be added. This means services will be added to serve this locations. That way all end-users like mechanics and warehouse employees can view the processes and data in their own language.


Toyota wants to create synergy between all locations. Working with the same definitions and processes results in a consistent system and work process. By using the same application synergie is achieved and it gets easier to be responsive with new technologies and methods. This creates efficiency and makes management easier. Consistency and unambiguous use of the system makes sure that future initiatives will be centrally carried. This way applying analytics and new functionalities can be centrally applied, tested and modified.

Efficiency and cost reduction

The headquarters in Belgium are responsible for all European production locations with the expertise of data-migration, configuration and education. Therefore our contacts are mostly there. Through centralizing there are no more separate IT-departments and there is just one license agreement. All existing and future licenses for IBM Maximo will be managed and/or supplied by OXplus. Through this centralization of the environment management of the licenses for all production plants will become easier and reduces costs. At first in management and later on in usage.

Maximum Lifespan

Toyota uses SCADA systems in their production: A SCADA-system exists of a computer with SCADA-software installed. A SCADA-systeem simplifies exchanging data, visibility of this data for the human operator (visualization), the influence on the systems (control), the processing and reporting of the data (dataprocessing) or alarming. The alarms are logged and the most import alarms are delivered tot the mechanics through a mobile device. The mechanic analyses the alert and makes a work-order or schedules a control or repair. This minimizes the timespan between the emerging and solution of the problem. Through these SCADA alerts Toyota builds a history in Maximo. This way we can see exactly how a machine or a part is functioning. Eventually this should lead to predictable maintenance and a longer lifespan of the machines. The SCADA systems, the insights in failure as well as correct handling helps that. This way the maintenance departments of Toyota can achieve their servicelevel for production.

We support Toyota so that they can achieve their servicelevel in production.

Because of the years of experience in serving customers in different industries, we have become an expert of the system. Besides good advice we can therefore fulfill the needs and desires of our customers and know how we can further improve their production and services. We provide hosting for Toyota, but we also think with them about new initiatives. We are considered as a partner in the full scale of assetmanagement.

Richard van DongenCCO | OXplus

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