Service Quality Management System with a Mobile App

Last year, OXplus was assigned by Transport for Wales to implement IBM Maximo for their Stores department, as a replacement of the system they had running. This implementation was successfully completed in December 2019, where all maintenance depots are now working with IBM Maximo to support the business processes in the storerooms. OXplus also successfully implemented IBM Maximo as the Service Quality Management System for Transport for Wales, including a Mobile app, with which they can perform inspections on both trains and stations.

Integration between IBM Maximo and Dynamics GP

As an addition to our successful IBM Maximo implementation, Transport for Wales asked us to make an integration between IBM Maximo and Dynamics GP, the system Transport for Wales uses for financial purposes, to eliminate the manual activities involved in this process. To make this integration possible, we created exports of the system for both Purchase Orders and Receipts, which were sent to Transport for Wales to be manually entered in their financial system Dynamics GP.

Eliminating manual activities

In order to eliminate the manual activities on the integration, we have created an integration which sends these approved purchase orders and receipts as an XML message directly to the server Dynamics GP is running on, where they are automatically picked up and populated in the system.

After the effort from both us and the third party involved from Dynamics GP perspective, we tested the integration extensively on the technical perspective, before handing it over to the Product Owner for the functional tests.

A very successful integration effort

In the end, everything was tested and agreed on by all companies involved and we can say that it was a very successful integration effort. In the evaluation form, which was sent to the Product Owner, we have received a score of ‘Excellent’ on almost every aspect of the project, with a total score of 9 out of 10.

For all of the above projects we have used the Agile/Scrum approach with sprints of 4 weeks. With this approach we could create visibility for the customer in the activities that were going to be performed in the next weeks, based on commitment from the Development Team. We could also steer where needed to make sure we were aligned with customer expectations throughout the project, with frequent evaluations / reviews during the execution phase.

On the Integration effort both the Transport for Wales Product Owner as the Project Manager provided us with a quote on their experience working with OXplus. We are very pleased with the results of the integrations and look forward to work with Transport for Wales for many more years to come!

IBM Maximo integration Tansport for Wales

Following the successful implementation of Maximo for our Stores department, OXplus have now completed a further XML integration with our Finance system which provides a fully automated purchase Order and Receipting transfer. The work was well planned and completed on time and with 100% success.

Peter JamesonProject Manager | Transport for Wales

Keep up the fast timeliness and high-quality information of responses to queries or issues raised.

Jordan SempleProduct Owner | Transport for Wales

Working with the Agile Methodology SCRUM and having Sprints with a duration of 1 month turned out to be very beneficial for both the focus on the committed development within the Sprints, as also to receive feedback and input from Transport for Wales on a regular basis.

Tim PenningsProject Manager | OXplus

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