Asset Performance Management according to IBM and Siemens

Earlier we have taken an extensive look at IBM Maximo Asset Performance Management (APM) and using AI, advanced analytics and real-time data from sensors and devices to improve your business and performance. Our partner Siemens also has a very clear view on Asset Performance Management that we would like to highlight in this blog. The video below provides you with a clear introduction of Siemens Railigent, the Siemens solution for smarter Asset Management.

Value adds using Railigent include:
– Improvement of availability up to 100%
– Decrease of unplanned downtimes 30-50%
– Reduction of unnecessary transfers into maintenance >30%
– Reduction of maintenance costs and energy consumption >10-15%

When to use IBM Maximo APM?

When using IBM Maximo as your Enterprise Asset Management System the IBM Maximo APM is perfectly aligned to fit your environment and enriches IBM Maximo EAM by delivering insights at the point of action. This to minimize unplanned repair work, reduce equipment failure, increase asset availability and extend asset life without unnecessary costs. Infused with advanced analytics, AI and industry-customized applications, IBM Maximo APM helps operations and reliability leaders understand how and when assets fail, enabling them to take the best actions to optimize asset performance. IBM Maximo APM, however, only works with IBM Maximo EAM.

When to use Siemens Railigent?

In case you use an Enterprise Asset Management System other than IBM Maximo, we propose Railigent as the solution to manage your assets smarter, as it generates Events to your EAM System. Through this way it is compatible with any EAM System of your choice. As OXplus we have technological partnerships with both IBM and Siemens to make sure we can provide the most effective solutions, no matter what EAM System you use.

For advice regarding Enterprise Asset Management or how we could integrate a solution fitting your objectives and vision for growth, contact us below and we gladly help you to become and stay future-proof and ahead of the curve.

Siemens Railigent Visual

"We as OXplus see added value in positioning both solutions, which are highly depending on the customer's available systems in place; where Maximo is implemented or will be implemented, IBM's Maximo APM is the most logic extension to increase EAM functionality. With customers where Maximo will not be the EAM system we see high value in positioning Siemens Railigent to drive value and make assets smarter."

Richard van DongenChief Commercial Officer | OXplus

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