About HG

HG is a purely Dutch company with their own sites in different countries, where they employ more than 200 dedicated people on a full-time basis.
Their Head Office and their production site are located in Almere – a young, dynamic, and fast-growing town in the province of Flevoland. Their site provides them with ample space to realise their ambitions and objectives – for example, their factory produces more than 300 different HG products that find their way to millions of satisfied customers in more than 45 countries.


By controling and replacing machines timely, HG prevents downtime of processes and delay in delivery of their products. The program the company used to work with for maintenance on all machines and the building did not grow alongside HG.
Reason enough to search for a new solution for the maintenance program. Through reliable contacts HG came across IBM Maximo. Maximo is a modular managementsoftwarepackage. Companies acquire better insights in company assets, both in terms and workprocesses. This makes it possible to make a structured planning and maintain control.

Why IBM Maximo?

On the one hand because European regulations demand this of HG International, on the other hand because of the safety, Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) is very important for HG. Therefore they chose for the HSE-module from IBM Maximo. Incidents in a line of production are reported and matched directly with a risk evaluation and an action to reduce the risk.

The HSE-module even directly generates a work-order from an alert. Furthermore HG was impressed by the automatically generated documentation for an audit. They can show the incidents of a past period, including its impact and what was done to make the level of risk acceptable again

The transition towards Agile is likely to require significant organizational changes. Analysts may find themselves working for the business and becoming product owners. You may have to reduce your project management headcount. Not all changes can be managed in a soft, comfortable way, and sometimes a leap of faith is required. Our OXplus Change Managers and Scrum Masters supports and coaches the organization at all levels. It's important that both key- / end-users and key stakeholders are closely involved, engaged and understand the need for change and that its clearly communicated how change will be achieved.

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