OXplus strongly believes that digitalization is a necessary step in the maturity development of the Rail industry. It has become the most critical topic to achieve efficiency in daily operations and long term planning. Digitalization is the vehicle to lower costs, as well as to strengthen competitiveness in relation to other transportation models. By introducing digital technologies like:

  • sensors for rolling stock
  • sensors for infrastructure equipment
  • data communication within rolling stock
  • mobile devices
  • 3D-Modelling and 3D printing
  • etc.

We are able to setup communication between all these huge volumes generating dynamic data sources and defined origins and destinations like IoT (internet of things). When we also include static data (e.g. train time table) it will be possible to generate value and, for example, develop an early warning system that may detect a defect prior to the rolling stock dropping out. This is what we call predictive maintenance for rolling stock.

OXplus provides a powerful platform with solutions in order to support this digitalization strategy. In combination with our Transportation expertise and Agile approach we get things done effectively.

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We service Operators with insights/decision support tools to operate their Fleet/Assets with high punctuality, availabilioty and Customer Satisfaction with respect to all Safety regulations.


We provide Maintainers with Solutions to create and use Predictive maintenance models in their depots, plan and schedule work accurately, guarantee RAMS in the miantenance processes and have insights in long term planning and simulation.


We provide Manufacturers with solutions to manage and maintain the requirements, configurations and engineering processes of their products as well as supporting their mission of increased business value once they go into a Service & maintenance model.




The powerful EAM solutions supports both operator, maintainer and manufacturer.


All solutions available from 3D-Modelling towards EAM & ERP towards IoT platform and analytics.


Covering all processes in an Asset Lifecycle from Design & Build into Operate & Maintain.

Expertise and Implementation

Our Agile approach and industry expertise makes us an effective partner to realize a future which is tailored to your ambition and requirements.

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