Senior Project Manager with an impressive international track record!

Christian Jurg is a family man and a devoted father of two. Christian’s dedication and commitment reflect in his work and the warm interactions with his colleagues and clients. He is analytic, honest and direct in his communication and is known for telling it like it is. He enjoys his beer every now and then and lives by the motto “Don’t waste your time looking back too much, you’re not going that way!”

We know Christian as a bold Senior Project Manager and a Principal Consultant in Asset Management with an impressive international track record. With his strong analytical senses combined with his LEAN approach, he has the capabilities to get to the core quickly, organize and create focus to get the job done. We are very happy that this dedicated man has found an additional family in Team OXplus!

What is the reason you chose for OXplus?

The reason I chose for OXplus is because I like to surround myself with people that go that extra mile to achieve results. People that are sincere, excel in their craft, have confidence and push the envelope. In OXplus I found just that!
OXplus is an AGILE firm with people that all have something special, and because of that, we do big things that have lasting impact. To me, that is quite unique, a mid-size firm that has made such a tremendous global footprint.

The challenge for me, personally and professionally, is to contribute to the growth of OXplus on Bid and Project Management level, and most definitely within the projects themselves. With my experience in comprehensive Infrastructure Asset Management projects I bring other insights, tools and approaches that complement the best practices of OXplus.

OXplus, with its strength and agility, can develop, implement, lead, support and consult. Whether this be in the field of IT, EAM or ERP, or consulting organizations in transition. With its growth potential, I see a bright future ahead and being part of this, is way cool!

Can you tell us something about your background and previous work?

As a project manager, previously working for a large international firm with over 25,000 employees, I was able to lead integral, asset- and stakeholder intensive projects. With a background in risk-based maintenance management, I consulted on large performance-based contracts, implementing risk-based engineering and asset information management. In that line of work I liked to incorporate and adapt Asset Management (ISO55000) principles and process engineering together to accomplish a best fit-for-purpose outcome.

I’m always interested in looking for the economic equilibrium between People’s behavior, the Business Processes and the supporting IT. To be successful these three need to be balanced and mutual supporting of one another. You can develop and provide people with the best refrigerator in the world, if people leave the milk on the counter it will still turn sour. In other words, help people with the process (show them how to open the door and put the milk in), but you still have to convince them to actually do it. You have to show and emphasize the importance of it and let them experience the benefits. Examples like this show Christian’s excellent ability to outline complex problems in a simple and understandable way through striking comparisons.

What are you currently working on?

The latest international EAM tenders. I am looking for projects that are interesting to participate in and making sure we are set up to win. Next to that working on bids and proposals together with colleagues and partners.

I’m also working with our subsidiary OXproof to lead and consult on a roll-out for a Global ERP over nine countries, together with an Agile Management Transition Program. We are on the frontline there, designing and developing the strategies, plans, roadmaps and processes. This is what I really like to do: join a project in the initial trajectory when a lot is still uncertain, introduce structure and clarity when there are no real clear goals and procedures yet.

What are your goals and dreams?

I don’t have a clear five-year plan, but I do know that I want to work on the growth of OXplus, chasing our spot on the horizon. Work with great people, experience and learn new things. Lead and deliver on various international projects and having many many good laughs on the way. I look forward to doing this for a long time and the beautiful projects across the globe that are waiting ahead for me.

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