OXplus strongly believes that digitalization is a necessary step in the maturity development of the transportation industry. It has become the most critical topic to achieve efficiency in daily operations and long term planning. Digitalization is the vehicle to lower costs, as well as to strengthen competitiveness in relation to other business models. By introducing digital technologies like:

• sensors for rolling stock
• sensors for infrastructure equipment
• data communication within rolling stock
• mobile devices
• 3D-Modelling and 3D printing

OXplus provides a powerful platform with solutions in order to support this digitalization strategy. OXplus adds a third party replication tool (SRO),  Response Plans and preconfigured system classification codes. In combination with our Transportation expertise and Agile approach we get things done effectively.

It secures fleet management companies, for example for rail projects, managing complete asset management solutions, including rolling stock, tracks, infrastructure and civil. It supports companies to achieve operational excellence and focus on FMECA procedures. The total solutions support the roadmap to ISO55000 certification.

We support

We support IBM Maximo software implementations, combining also the following IBM industry solutions:

  • IBM Maximo for Aviation MRO
  • IBM SmartCloud Control Desk
  • Maximo Anywhere
  • Maximo Asset Configuration Manager
  • Maximo Asset Management
  • Maximo Asset Management Scheduler
  • Maximo for Service Providers
  • Maximo for Transportation
  • Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager
  • Maximo Linear Asset Manager
  • Maximo Spatial Asset Management


  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Travel
  • Transportation

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Most of the time IBM Maximo Implementations in the transportation industry fail, because the approach is only to technical. By combining industry’s best practises and the OXplus business consultancy services, we provide a solution that organizations can understand, are willing to use and that adds real value to their business.

Our solution is industry specific and based on our worldwide best practices. Pre-configurations will enable a faster and more industry specific implememention of the IBM Maximo software solutions.


IBM Maximo Asset Management

OXplus sells and implements the whole IBM Maximo Asset Management portfolio, including Industry Solutions and add-ons. IBM Maximo monitors and manages the full lifecycle of enterprise assets, including facilities, communications, transportation, production, infrastructure and more. Learn about IBM Maximo and our specific Industry Best Practices to ensures visibility and control of asset conditions and processes while increasing productivity and lowering downtime.



OXplus implements INFOR EAM and helps customers understand the connection between asset performance and top-line growth for years. We deliver the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system capabilities you need to transform this understanding into action, so your INFOR EAM system can become a source of greater business efficiency. Learn from OXplus how to streamline your asset and maintenance processes to save time and money with INFOR EAM Enterprise.



OXplus implements IMMS, which is a total EAM solution specifically designed for Windparks, manufacturing sites etc. IMMS has embedded the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and is compliant to ISO55K. With its integrated OPC and SCADA connectivity, Mobile SCADA capabilities and Predictive Models, IMMS is a unique tool to optimize the availability and reliability of the Assets.



Organize Your Asset Portfolio

Lean EAM software reduces the burden of paper handling by assigning every asset to a physical location, and all documents to an association.

Save Time

Lean EAM software reduces time spent searching for information on facilities, equipment and other physical assets by streamlining communications through proper context, smart filtering, asset databases and specifications, and elimination of paperwork (work order and inspection lists).

Improve Service

Lean EAM software prevents costly and unproductive downtime, thus improving upon an organization’s responsiveness, quality, reliability and safety.

Save Money

Lean EAM software will most importantly help an organization save money, improve its bottom line, and optimize the ROI of all its assets by eliminating costly emergency repairs, improving equipment uptime, and increasing the asset lifecycle through effective preventative maintenance, condition monitoring, and predictive capabilities.

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