Maturity Assessment

A lot of asset intensive organizations do have needs to change their strategy based on new insights in vision, mission and ambition. Based on analysis and investigations done by renowned companies such as Gartner most of the implementations fail due to too high ambitions and a lack of knowledge and understanding of the actual As-Is situation in their entire organization. In addition, strategic roadmaps and real insight in the current maturity level of your organization is a prerequisite to adjust your strategy and ambition to secure a realistic and adaptable implementation that is fully accepted in the entire organization.

An Independent Third Party

OXplus can help in this situation. As independent third party, OXplus can provide your organization with objective advice based on a unique maturity assessment methodology developed by OXplus. This method and its related tool gives a clear result in which maturity level the organization is. This bright insight is used to give an advice that is realistic and can be realized within the agreed time. In addition to this a strategic roadmap that is aligned with the organizational change can be created easier. We refer to these services OXplus has many years of experience in maintenance and service operations as well as process redesign, organizational change and IT tool implementation. OXplus therefore oversees the bigger picture of Asset and service management in your organizational context.

Maturity Assessment Success


Step 1: Current State Definition

What is the current level of maturity , which aspects need attention before starting the implementation where do we oversee deviations both horizontal (differences between departments) and vertical (differences between organization levels Top-down or Bottom-up)?

Maturity Assessment (Current State Definition)


Step 2: Results and Gap Analysis

Defining a Gap analysis based on the maturity assessment including an impact study, not only based on do nothing but also based on the actions to improve your organization.

Maturity Assessment 4
Roadmap Recommendation
Maturity Assessment 2


Step 3: Define Ambition

Defining a realistic and realizable roadmap to implement the changes (process- , IT- and organizational change).

Maturity Assessment (Realistic Goals)


A Practical Example

What does it mean and how does it look to Level Up in terms of Maturity?

Roadmap Maturity Assessment


Asset Management Strategy

By making sure you are on the desired Maturity Level you unlock a broad scale of benefits. A Mature Asset Management Strategy enables you to:

  • Shorten EAM Implementation Time by 40%;
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by 25%;
  • Increase reliability of all assets by 15-20%;
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 5-10%;
  • Increase adaptability to changing business conditions;
  • Control Rollouts and secured improvement cycles.
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