RSM at NedTrain

December 4, 2013

A train’s journey – Rolling Stock Maintenance at NedTrain NedTrain has published an entertaining video about their maintenance activities for the Dutch trains. OXplus assisted Nedtrain over the past years in improving their Fleet Management organization, introducing maintenance best practices and optimizing service activities. Other examples are the implementation of Maximo, Configuration Management and integration Read more

We Are Rail Fans

October 29, 2013

We Are Rail Fans If you are into Rail & Rolling stock just like OXplus, you might enjoy the following video.  

Linear Asset Structures

October 23, 2013

5 aspects of a good Linear Asset Management solution Linear Asset Management (LAM) is the recommended solution for customers managing rail networks, road networks and other linear assets like pipes etc. A good system should cover the following: 1. Manage Linear Asset Structures: Two questions for this: What is the level of detail needed to Read more

OXplus sees market for PMS

October 9, 2013

OXplus sees market for Performance Measurement Systems (PMS) OXplus sees value in the supply and implementation of a Performance Measurement Systems (PMS) for DFBM contracts. A PMS should be seen as a system which measures the performance of infrastructural objects (roads, tunnels, bridges, etc.). Performance is seen as a factor which must be fulfilled to Read more

OXplus ziet markt voor PMS

October 9, 2013

OXplus ziet markt voor Prestatie Meet Systemen (PMS) Oxplus ziet meerwaarde in het leveren en implementeren van Prestatie Meet Systemen (PMS) tbv DFBM contracten. Een PMS moet gezien worden als een meetsysteem die de prestaties meet van infrastructurele objecten (Wegen, tunnels bruggen, etc). Prestatie wordt hier gezien als een factor waaraan voldaan moet worden om Read more