Increased efficiency.
Less downtime.
Less unnecessary kilometers by re-routings.
Automated data driven Service Planning.
Intelligent decision making by smart algorithms.

Smart Capacity Planning

The Capacity Planner presents and manages different types of maintenance work, controlled and effectively managed by Service Requests- and Work Order Management processes from any Enterprise Asset Management System. The Capacity Planner uses these datasources for intelligent decision making by means of algorithms.

Track Record

With our client NS (Dutch Railways) the Capacity Planner has led to a 33% increase in Service Capacity.



Fleet Control

Full insight in deployability of your total fleet at a glance! OXplus Fleet Control provides a clear dashboard, which unites information from Work Order Management, Asset Management and Configuration Management.

Asset Performance Management

Empower your OT and IT leaders with essential insights into remote monitoring, asset health, and predictive maintenance to ensure your business never stops.

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Infor EAM

Streamline your asset maintenance and understand the connection between asset performance and top-line growth with INFOR EAM. We deliver the system capabilities that you need. This way, your INFOR EAM system transforms into a source of greater business efficiency.

Lean EAM

Digitalization is a necessary step, when you aim for mature development within the transportation industry. It is indispensable in daily operations and long-term planning.

Digital technologies enable a reduction in costs and strengthen your competitive advantages. These include:

  • Sensors for rolling stock
  • Sensors for infrastructure equipment
  • Data communication within rolling stock
  • Mobile devices
  • 3D modeling and 3D printing

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