The Bronze FD Gazellen Award: We did IT!

I’m not using this word very easily, but now I do; I’m proud! Why? Because now it is all about team achievement, passion and our High Vibrational Organization that has the Agility to adopt and continue to improve…and grow!
Winning the Bronze FD Gazellen Award makes us one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

The ranking

As of 2018, the ranking of the FD Gazellen Award list has changed. It is no longer just turnover growth that is important, but now also the growth in the number of employees and profitability are taken into account to become a contender for a Gazellen Award.

Why more than just revenue growth?

By taking three indicators – instead of one – into account, the price gets a more balanced basis. More fast-growing companies also have a chance to win extra prizes (bronze, silver and gold per category). The growth of the workforce (fixed and flexible, measured in FTEs) is an indicator of a contribution to employment and the profitability (net profit on turnover) is indicates to what extent a company offers added value. The revenue growth is taken into account for 50% and growth of employees and profitability each for 25%. Companies that have been growing rapidly for years do not do this alone. Various FD Gazelles come to the aid of other companies during this difficult time or are given a helping hand themselves.

Dealing with COVID-19

We ourselves had to make a switch immediately. Retrieving our consultants from abroad was one thing, but we also continued asking questions and tuning in to what the home situation was like. We ask a lot of our consultants, which means that we also have to facilitate them optimally. Our openness and interaction with employees brought peace. We showed that same openness and interaction to customers. On the one hand to manage expectations for the current projects, but also to show our commitment. Although some fellow entrepreneurs may find that special, we paid a lot of attention to the physical and mental fitness of our consultants. Nobody benefits if employees drop out due to stress or worries, if that can be prevented.

What did surprise me about this period is the fact that highly competent and independent consultants – like us – also have a strong need for a leader who offers confidence and provides a vision of the future. For me personally, it was nice to have Richard as a sounding board. And I know he feels the same way.

OXplus Bronze Gazellen Award

Give back and share

It is important for us to give back and share. Winning the Bronze Gazellen Award is a team effort. As OXplus we have explained our GrowthSharing strategy and platform as an important pilar to share our unique knowledge and Agile working methodologies; an important contribution to our eco-system during this COVID-19 crisis by lending others a helping hand.

Together we make the change.

Let’s go for IT!

Henri Snijders


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