• Direct insight into the status of the entire fleet;
  • Direct insight into the cause of unavailable vehicles or vehicles under supervision;
  • Overview of the Work Order Alert Time related to the vehicles;
  • Fully scalable and configurable as required.

Your Entire Fleet Status at a Glance!

The Master Page indicates the status of the vehicles. When a vehicle is selected, tabs are used to show the information and the reason why the vehicle has obtained the relevant status. From the application it is possible to directly click through to the work orders that cause the vehicles to be unavailable at that time. This provides immediate insight into the causes of the red (not available) and blue (under supervision), but also theĀ green (available) status indications and which jobs are most urgent. All labels and statuses are fully customizable to fit your business needs!

Fleet Control Dashboard
OXplus Fleet Control

Do you want to have full insight in your entire Fleet Status at a glance?

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