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We service Operators with insights / decision support tools to operate their Fleet / Assets with high punctuality, availability and Customer Satisfaction with respect to all Safety regulations.

We provide Maintainers with Solutions to create and use Predictive Maintenance Models in their depots, plan and schedule work accurately, guarantee RAMS in the maintenance processes and have insights in long term planning and simulation.

We provide Manufacturers with solutions to manage and maintain the requirements, configurations and engineering processes of their products as well as supporting their mission of increased business value once they go into a Service & Maintenance model.

Asset Owners
We service Asset Owners by decreasing the Total Cost of Asset Ownership (TCO), increasing maintenance productivity and enhance reliability of the assets with AI-powered monitoring, inspection and predictive maintenance.

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Why Railways and Rolling Stock?

Before founding OXplus in 2010, our focus has always been on the Railways and Rolling Stock Industry. It is a challenging, ever changing industry that is among the fastest developing and most innovating industries in existence. We as Team OXplus are always looking to push the enveloppe and go the extra mile. The Railways and Rolling Stock industry has proven over the years to be the industry for us to do so and at the same time to make a difference making lives better, by helping to make the world of transportation easier and better.

Thanks to the focus on Railways and Rolling Stock we are able to provide state of art proven solutions and services that fit the needs and challenges of your organization. We know which way you want to go, because the business you are in is also our business. Over the years we have developed great partnerships in the relatively small world of global Railways and Rolling Stock and are always looking to build upon this experience and provide you with the knowledge and best practices that we have gained this way. The industry is one of the leading industries embracing the latest technological innovations and we like to look at the greatest way to benefit from these innovations and the endless possibilities they bring.

Together we can make the Railways and Rolling Stock industry better and better, and bring public transportation to the next level! More sustainable, efficient and enjoyable than ever!



Trains / High Speed

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Civil / Infrastructure

IBM Maximo for Civil Infrastructure


$38 billion in Asset Management says it all!

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