Riyadh’s new six-line metro – the world’s biggest urban rail project outside China – is expected to open in 2021. OXplus has been contributing to this State of the Art Project with 3 large assignments, with involvements in both Design & Build and Operate & Maintain Tenders.

Facts & Figures Riyadh Metro:
• 6 metro lines
• Total length of 176 kilometers
• 85 stations
• The project will cost $22.5 billion to build
• Full network expected to be operational in 2021
• Total of 470 cars

Design & Build
Our OXplus Journey at Riyadh Metro Project started back in 2014 where OXplus was asked to develop a Technical Database Solution in combination with a BI-tool as well as a Data Warehouse to collect & connect all Sensor, SCADA and RAM data from all Metro related systems. Our RAM (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) performance management system then identifies all performance elements and provides an insight into key performance indicators (KPIs). These Solutions will have to be handed over to the O&M Operators once construction has been fully completed. The completion and handover of these solutions are scheduled for end of 2020.

Operate & Maintain
OXplus was awarded to implement the Asset Management Solutions for all six Metro Lines. This was not an easy process, according to Richard van Dongen, CCO OXplus: “The challenge was to participate with all Bidders in the Tender process, which started in 2018. We managed to provide our offer to 4 large Operators / Bidders to increase our chances for being awarded for the Asset Management contract. Competing for the contracts was tough (with international and local companies bidding against us) and many visits to the Middle East were necessary to convince the Operators of our solutions and experiences in this Business. All hard work resulted in being awarded Projects for both Operators in 2018 and 2019”.

The Asset Management Projects:
OXplus started both Asset Management projects in parallel in 2019, where the RDA (Riyadh Development Authority) appreciated our involvement since we could establish synergy across the projects. We are implementing up to 24 Best Practice processes and configured IBM’s Maximo solution, including its Railways specific Industry Solutions and Add-ons. OXplus is integrating IBM Maximo with other business systems like ERP, EDMS, Mobile and SCADA systems etc.
Currently we are finalizing both Projects and are proposing Service contracts to support the Asset Management- and related integrations with the other systems.

"The challenge was to participate with all Bidders in the Tender process, which started in 2018."

Richard van DongenChief Commercial Officer | OXplus

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