Driving results for Rolling Stock Maintainers

OXplus understands that Rolling Stock needs to be cost-effective. The operability and availability are crucial as well. In our opinion there is nothing worse than unavailable Rolling Stock. As a Rolling Stock Maintainer you are prone to the challenges above and challenges in terms of having to deliver in shortening timeframes and at lower costs. We help you ensure the highest levels of Rolling Stock availability and reduce downtime so that your clients can continue to operate everywhere and always at 100% capacity and complete safety.

Enterprise Asset Management has a major impact on the costs, availability and safety of Rolling Stock and is a great help to effectively execute maintenance activities. We see that nowadays maintenance is more and more based on the realtime condition of the fleet and its parts and gets more and more autonomous. OXplus helps Rolling Stock Maintainers to make their maintenance planning and activities more effective and make the move from preventive maintenance to condition based maintenance and predictive maintenance. This results in making first time right decisions through smart algorithms and less downtime due to maintenance taking too long or re-routings due to (manual) faults in planning.

Rolling Stock Maintainers


Common Goals include:

  • Reach Safety Requirements;
  • Increase Asset Lifetime;
  • Proactively perform Preventive Maintenance;
  • Proactively perform Condition-based Maintenance;
  • Less delays;
  • Make Customers operate at full Capacity;


Common Challenges include:

  • Planning activities include unnecessary manual or inefficient work;
  • No insight into which work has priority, negatively effecting the reliability and condition of assets;
  • No insight into availability and capacity of the maintenance location, resulting in ineffective maintenance planning (including material, mechanics, qualifications, etc.);
  • Multiple systems and data sources need to be used simultaneously to come to a correct dicision.
Reference case

Predictive Maintenance for Siemens Mobility!

Montreal, Canada – OXplus builds smart systems that use IoT data generated by the vehicles in order to predict when repair or replacement is needed. For the purpose of predictive maintenance, OXplus has implemented the Siemens Mobility CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Information System) offering, CORMAP®, an IBM Maximo based solution, and integrated it with Railigent®, the Mindsphere® based IoT platform of Siemens Mobility.

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Enterprise Asset Management for Maintainers

The benefits of using Enterprise Asset Management include:

  • Less time and cost to introduce new vehicles into service;
  • Reduced cost and increased safety by management of tires and wheels;
  • Reduced costs by quickly processing all eligible warrantee claims;
  • Reduced fuel consumption by monitoring usage;
  • Increase the efficiency and safety of the fleet by quickly recalling or upgrading the fleet;
  • Ensure compliance at all times by management of licenses, permits and insurance information;
  • Advanced reporting capabilities;
  • Availability as a SaaS offering or for on premise use.

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