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OXplus is based on four pillars: Enterprise Asset Management, consultancy, software solutions and Agile project management. By combining these pillars, we optimize your maintenance processes and eliminate obstacles.

Enterprise Asset Management

We design and implement a suitable EAM solution based on a thorough understanding of your organization.

OXplus Maturity Assessment

Strategic Roadmaps and Real Insight in the current Maturity Level of your organization to secure a realistic implementation.

Agile Project Management

Gain exceptional insights into the difficulties that you experience and minimize risks, with the help of our project managers.

EAM Software implementations

We implement and manage software using leading Enterprise Asset Management solutions that fit your exact needs.

Our best-practices experiences guaranteed

Within OXplus’ Global Competence Center, deep knowledge is spread throughout the entire organization. An umbrella concept, in which specialists share their best-practices to enable our industry-experts to enter the work field with knowledge and authority. As a result, OXplus delivers substantial added value, which is proven by the continuous revenue stream we enrich our customers with.

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