An Agile Way of Working

OXplus’ Project Management approach is best described as a hybrid model of Waterfall project management with Agile working principles and processes. The best of both worlds you could say. The Waterfall approach guarantees that each stage has specific deliverables with a decision-making process to go from a clearly defined Design > Development > Test > Deployment > Acceptance process. Combined with Agile principles which enables us to use incremental delivery sprints of three weeks. This makes sure that we have continuous control points for stakeholders, can quickly adapt to new circumstances and have limited delivery risk of max three weeks.

Agile Project Management

OXplus Implementation - Scrum (Agile)

Agile Project Management (Agile Scrum)

A sprint (or iteration) is the basic unit of development in Scrum. The sprint is a “timeboxed” effort; that is, it is restricted to a specific duration. The duration is fixed in advance for each sprint and is normally between one week and one month, although two weeks is typical.

Scrum emphasizes working product at the end of the Sprint that is really “done”; in the case of software, this means a system that is integrated, fully tested, end-user documented, and potentially shippable.

A Scrum process is distinguished from other agile processes by specific concepts and practices, divided into the three categories of Roles, Artifacts, and Time Boxes. Scrum is most often used to manage complex software and product development, using iterative and incremental practices. Scrum significantly increases productivity and reduces time to benefits relative to classic “waterfall” processes. Scrum processes enable organizations to adjust smoothly to rapidly changing requirements and produce a product that meets evolving business goals.



An Agile Scrum Process benefits the entire organization by helping it to:

  • Deliver Earlier;
  • Increase the quality of the deliverables;
  • Detect Errors Earlier;
  • Cope better with change (and expect these changes);
  • Provide better estimates while spending less time creating them;
  • Improve Business Relations;
  • Increase Visibility;
  • Be more in control of the project schedule and state.

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