EAM & IT services

OXplus EAM & IT Services helps you implement an Enterprise Asset Management System that optimizes your asset use to attain your organization’s business objectives in a competitive global economy. Our team will ensure the following during implementation:

  • Defining and configuring your systems in accordance with reliable standards, thus maximizing the Return on Investment for your assets.
  • Focusing on best practices in order to optimize your assets’ operations.
  • Validating and monitoring your EAM system on compliance from an IT perspective and alignment with your architectural strategy.
  • Optimizing alignment between Industry knowledge, Project & Implementation Best Practices and our Software Design experience.

Bridging the GAP between Strategic Advisors and Maximo Business Partners.

Customers expect guidance from Integrators and Business partners in solving their Business Challenges; however, a lack of Business Knowledge does not always provide the right benefits and Return on Investment. OXplus secures the initial objectives by providing the right balance between Organizational Changes, Budget, Delivery and Quality.

Our expert consultants, who have proven track records in Facility Management and Asset & Service Management, are an added value to your teams for creating business innovation. We have obtained this experience through participating in a large number of different large EAM & ERP projects across a wide range of industry sectors.

OXplus can provide complementary services as well, such as Infrastructure, Application Development & Configuration, Integration and Reporting skills. This makes us a ‘One Stop Shop’ partner.

For all services, we have developed tried and tested methodologies that put you in the driver’s seat – this means full control – on your journey to successful EAM implementation.

What Do We Do?

Design: We will work together with you to design / blueprint a system that fully meets your requirements.

Functional Requirements: Our Business Consultants will perform assessments by  interviewing process owners and key-users. We will document As-Is and To-be needs to make sure that your functional requirements will support Enterprise Asset Management best practices for purchasing, work management and material management.

Gap Analysis and Plan of Action: Our team will identify and analyze gaps between existing processes and best practices. This will subsequently be used to perform a risk analysis that will highlight the potential impact on corporate objectives. We will then create an action plan to help you minimize these risks and optimize the ROI on your assets, your systems and your processes.

System Selection: We will advise and guide you through a system selection process to make sure you choose a system that best meets your requirements.

Implementation: Implementing a new Asset Management System requires coordinating many activities, such as implementing workflows, business processes, resource requirements and module mapping based on role definitions and authorizations. We will use tried and tested Project Management tools to manage planning and implementation of all activities.

Integration: We will help you define integration definitions in order to ensure end-to-end processes when dealing with a multi-application landscape.

Data Collection: We will help you validate and collect the data necessary to convert to your new system.

System Test & Validation: Once the master data and processes have been loaded into the system, we will use tried and tested test methodologies for testing the system, which should increase acceptance of process owners and end-users.

Configuration: We will help you configure your asset management system to increase user-friendliness.

Reports and Queries: We will evaluate whether your new system’s standard reports support your KPIs and will develop any customized queries or reports needed to manage your assets.

Training: We will train you on how to use your system most effectively and benefit from it, how to increase Asset & Service Management skills and how your organization can improve their performance and service levels.