A thorough understanding of your organization

We design and implement Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). A method that is known worldwide as a way to apply (predictive) maintenance. With this strategy, we aim for maximum effectiveness and a longer lifecycle of your business assets.

We focus on gaining a complete and thorough understanding of our customer’s business and processes. Other EAM implementations, within various industries, have resulted in a solid collection of best practices. These enable us to design and implement a solution that fits the culture of your company. One that delivers the greatest value and return.

Truly understanding our customer is a fundamental aspect of all our business cases. Our consultants are skilled in finding out what requires attention.



Organize Your Asset Portfolio

Reduce the burden of administrative hassle and eliminate paperwork. EAM enables you to assign every asset to a physical location, and all documents to a centralized database.

Improve Service

By improving the organization’s responsiveness, quality, reliability and safety, EAM prevents loss of productivity due to downtime.

Save Time

Less time spent searching for information on facilities, equipment and other physical assets. EAM software streamlines communications through proper context, smart filtering, asset databases and specification.

Save Money

EAM software will help save money by optimizing the ROI of all assets. This is done by eliminating costly emergency repairs, improving equipment uptime, increasing asset lifecycle, effective preventative maintenance and condition monitoring.



Maximo Asset Management

Ensure visibility and control of asset conditions and processes, while increasing productivity and lowering downtime.

With Maximo Asset Management, you can manage the full lifecycle of enterprise assets. These include facilities, communications, transportation, production, infrastructure and more. We take care of the implementation of Maximo Asset Management, as well as industry solutions and add-ons.

Asset Performance Management

Empower your OT and IT leaders with essential insights into remote monitoring, asset health, and predictive maintenance to ensure your business never stops.

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Infor EAM

Streamline your asset maintenance and understand the connection between asset performance and top-line growth with INFOR EAM. We deliver the system capabilities that you need. This way, your INFOR EAM system transforms into a source of greater business efficiency.

Lean EAM

Digitalization is a necessary step, when you aim for mature development within the transportation industry. It is indispensable in daily operations and long-term planning.

Digital technologies enable a reduction in costs and strengthen your competitive advantages. These include:

  • Sensors for rolling stock
  • Sensors for infrastructure equipment
  • Data communication within rolling stock
  • Mobile devices
  • 3D modeling and 3D printing

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