IBM Maximo ACM

IBM Maximo ACM ensures that the actual physical build of an asset meets the requirements of an allowable configuration. Its Build Data Interpreter (BDI) provides comprehensive status derivation for aircraft and other configuration-managed assets. For example, the Build Data Interpreter checks an actual aircraft, position by position, to ensure that its configuration rules comply with its nominated configuration. The Build Data Interpreter reports the status of noncompliant assets in the Assets (CM) application. It also alerts you to problem assets through color-coded data in various applications.

IBM Maximo ACM


Asset Structure

IBM Maximo ACM provides the capability to display the structure of an asset as of a past date. This feature is in the Assets (CM) application. The Assets (CM) application also displays maintenance, meter, installation, and removal history as of a past date. Maximo ACM contains applications that are designed specifically for asset configuration management. Some applications are enhanced versions of standard IBM Maximo Asset Management applications. These enhanced applications include fields, features, and actions that are specific to asset configuration management.


IBM Maximo ACM

IBM Maximo ACM enables you to:

  • Automate asset life-cycle management in complex operational environments;
  • Leverage a rules-based configuration approach, for increased flexibility;
  • Better meet compliance reporting requirements for real-time asset configuration data;
  • Evaluate operational status more accurately;
  • Reduce costs and extend asset life by enabling more proactive maintenance planning.


Creating CM Assets

Want to see more? The Demo below shows how to create CM Assets in IBM Maximo.

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