IBM Maximo for Transportation

IBM Maximo for Transportation helps manage the lifecycle of the asset from placement in service to retirement. Maximo Transportation provides key capabilities such as fleet-wide campaigns, contract management, action based on telematic data collected from vehicles, lifecycle accounting, labor certification, service level agreements, warranty management, asset disposal and motor pool management.

In many cases, Maximo for Transportation is used with other Maximo solutions. For example, Maximo Asset Configuration Management is commonly used to manage rail assets that require the detailed configuration management of rolling stock assets.

IBM Maximo for Transportation


Extended Features

Maximo for Transportation incorporates features to extend asset life, optimize parts management, reduce road calls, and increase planned maintenance. It introduces consist management for railway assets. And it has advanced asset management capabilities for asset status, meter change-out and history, meter import, component and position codes, serial number changes, and warranty recovery.

Maximo for Transportation¬†also has enhanced work management capabilities for campaigns, industry codes, labor qualifications, maintenance alerts, and recording inspections and cleaning. It incorporates a mechanic’s clipboard and facilitates outside repair orders. Extended inventory management features include cycle counting and fuel tank management. Other features include life-cycle costing, motor pool management, driver logs, fuel and fluid management, and asset templates.


IBM Maximo for Transportation

The benefits of using IBM Maximo for Transportation include:

  • Less time and cost to introduce new vehicles into service;
  • Reduced cost and increase safety by management of tires and wheels;
  • Reduced costs by quickly processing all eligible warrantee claims;
  • Reduced fuel consumption by monitoring usage;
  • Increase the efficiency and safety of the fleet by quickly recalling or upgrading the fleet;
  • Ensure compliance at all times by management of licenses, permits and insurance information;
  • Management of motor pools including billing for usage;
  • Advanced reporting capabilities based on Cognos;
  • Availability as a SaaS offering or for on premise use.


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Features and Capabilities

All the features of IBM Maximo Transportation industry specific capabilities:

  • Manage tires and wheels to extend life and increase safety;
  • Monitor changes in fuel consumption over time;
  • Quickly access telematic data;
  • Recall and upgrade campaign management;
  • Manage warrantee information and cost recovery;
  • Find asset information using multiple aliases such as VIN number, license plate number, or company asset number;
  • Asset templates to quickly add information about large fleet additions;
  • Track and manage license, permit and insurance information;
  • Manage motor pools that provide short term access to vehicles including billing for usage;
  • Manage the maintenance of consists, the configuration of assets used to create a train.

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