What is IBM Maximo HSE?

IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager provides key extensions to Maximo Asset Management to provide critical applications for incident management, investigations, management of change, non-conformance management, action tracking, risk assessment, permit to work, regulatory compliance, and more; thus, the solution becomes the common thread between production, safety and quality.

IBM Maximo Health Safety Environment


Enterprise Platform

The primary objectives of health, safety, environment, sustainability and quality initiatives are to: increase profitability and productivity, reduce operating costs, and to minimize enterprise risk. Achieving this is as much about standardizing health, safety and environment practices as integrating these practices with day-to-day operations management. Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager provides a foundational enterprise platform that integrates health, safety and environment processes and programs with work and asset management.


Key Business Benefits and Capabilities

IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager helps you to optimize safety and cares for your workforce, but it has much more to offer. We have listed important HSE benefits and capabilities below:

  • Addresses the continuous need for customers to improve operational performance by creating, reviewing and analyzing incidents;
  • Allows customers to identify the root cause of problems arising from incidents on their plants that can be safety, environmental or production related;
  • Allows customers to support change requirements in a more robust way with multiple levels of reviews/approvals, authorization of change, pre- and post-start actions;
  • Provides non-conformance management capabilities designed to automate, manage and streamline the process of identifying, evaluating, reviewing and handling of nonconforming engineering specification, materials, components, parts and processes;
  • Identifies regulatory compliance against assets and locations and associates job plans and work orders to these regulations to ensure compliance – significantly reducing the costs associated with compliance;
  • Manages continuous improvement programs like Six Sigma or similar methodologies;
  • Models both probability and consequences of events supporting risk management processes;
  • Improves competency assurance through capabilities for adding, modifying and updating workforce competencies;
  • Iterative process that links all associated Health, Safety and Environment activities and organizational data. Allows customers to analyze the risks associated with work carried out through the enterprise asset management process, identifying hazards and defining the impact ranking;
  • Provides an electronic log used by shift operators for recording and qualifying events which occur during an individual’s shift watch;
  • Provides a complete history of all personnel job roles, certifications, training and current qualifications;
  • Allows customers an ability to track statutory implications to ensure that certain types of work and actions are completed by the agreed dates;
  • Captures benefits/losses associated with improvements or costs associated with incidents, failures, survey/audit findings;
  • Provides a reporting mechanism for capturing metrics to support consistent Failure Reporting and Corrective Action process (FRACAS);
  • Integrated with work management and operator logs allows customers to replace custom Permit to Work systems or eliminate third party systems at the same time as supporting improved communications between maintenance, operations, and engineering; thus enhancing safety and reliability;
  • Provides a searchable learning repository associated with lessons learned, or with proven solutions.


Safe Systems of Work in the Era of the "New Normal"

Want to see how IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager can help you make your working environment safer post COVID-19? This demo shows the tools to design your work management processes to minimize hazards and risks in the new “normal” working environment.


IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager

Maximo HSE Manager offers a wide range of capabilities that will support additional safety and operational processes to support changes in working practices. Much of this capabilities can be quickly implemented and deployed.


  • Policies;
  • Procedures;
  • Operator’s Logs;
  • Operational Actions;
  • Shift Handover;
  • Bypass Management;
  • Production Loss Reporting;
  • Benefits/Losses;
  • Permit to Work.


  • Isolation Management;
  • Risk Management;
  • Hazards;
  • Failure Reporting;
  • Defects;
  • Commissioning and Startups;
  • Competency and Certifications.


  • Incidents;
  • Investigations;
  • Corrective Actions;
  • Improvements;
  • Management of Change (MOC);
  • Solutions;
  • Regulatory Compliance;
  • Audits;
  • Knowledge Management.

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