IBM Maximo Mobile

Maximo Mobile is designed to transfer knowledge to any technician with just- in-time upskilling and step-by-step guidance powered by IBM’s world- renowned AI and your remote human- based assistant.

Technician productivity is essential to operational resiliency. And when repairs to critical assets are not effectively executed, it drives up labor and maintenance costs. To sustain uptime and reliability, technicians require near real-time access to asset history and operational data—even in the most remote locations, online or offline—to help them quickly resolve issues.

Maximo Mobile


Increase first-time fix rate with AI and remote human-based assistance

IBM Maximo Mobile, built on next-generation mobile technology, is a revolutionary, easy-to-deploy platform that provides technicians the right asset operational data at the right time—all in the palm of their hand.

A new, intuitive interface provides a reimagined experience that enables any technician to easily drill down into asset maintenance history. With Maximo’s leading asset management solution at the core, Maximo Mobile is designed to transfer knowledge to any technician with just-in-time upskilling and step- by-step guidance powered by IBM’s world-renowned AI and your remote human-based assistant.

Infused with machine learning, this intelligent mobile EAM solution gets smarter over time. It can ultimately help your business improve field management, increase productivity and first-time fix rates. When your technicians have access to real-time asset data and all the information they need at their fingertips, you can rest assured that they have the confidence to get the job done.


Anyplace, anywhere, anytime!

Extend technicians’ abilities and enhance knowledge with AI assistance, or by collaborating remotely with your experts. IBM Maximo Mobile benefits include:

  • Improve technician productivity;
  • Boost first time fix rates;
  • Reduce mean time to repair;
  • Reduce training costs;
  • Reduce troubleshooting time;
  • Increase asset availability;
  • Reduced overall maintenance costs;
  • Improve data quality and reporting.


Maximo Mobile at work

Want to see Maximo Mobile in action? The Demo below gives you a great overview of what to expect.

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