IBM Maximo Scheduler

IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler is an end-to-end work management tool for IBM Maximo Asset Management. This add-on solution allows planners and schedulers to graphically view all work orders and preventive maintenance schedules on a Gantt chart and provides them access to critical factors needed for the creation of an accurate meaningful work schedule. It also accommodates the needs of the Supervisors, Dispatchers and Field Technicians in an effort to streamline the entire Maximo work management process.


Embedded Solutions

IBM Maximo Scheduler is an advanced work management tool for Maximo Asset Management that extends Maximo Scheduler’s capabilities to enable users to manage large projects (like shutdowns, outages and turnarounds), as well as all planned and unplanned maintenance across either a broad geographic area or where weather plays an important factor in asset availability. With this Maximo embedded solution, end-to-end work management can be accomplished using a single system of record.


IBM Maximo Scheduler

Maximo Scheduler software enables organizations to view and schedule work orders and tasks in a Gantt chart. This enables better prioritization of work, optimal resource usage, decreased asset downtime for maintenance and efficient work planning. With IBM Maximo Scheduler, the planners can:

  • View and schedule work orders and tasks in a Gantt chart;
  • View and manage resource load and availability for optimal resource usage;
  • Identify and mange critical activities through critical path method;
  • Manage dependencies between work orders and tasks;
  • View and manage work schedules, progress toward completion targets, and dynamically adjust for changes in resource availability.


Graphical Work Week (GWW)

One application to Schedule and Assign work:

  • Schedule based on resource load/availability;
  • Double click to assign work;
  • Double click to modify availability of labor or crew.


IBM Maximo Scheduler

Appointment Booking

Maximo clients have requested the ability to have their customer service representative (CSR) book appointments with customers within a window of time – and that is what we’ve delivered with the appointment booking feature in Scheduler. A CSR receiving a customer call can view resources, create a work order that assigns resources to minimize travel time and to complete the work in the appointment window given to the customer. This helps ensure that the right technician with the right skills for the job arrives on-time.

Weather Integration

Severe weather often shuts down projects and leads to canceled customer commitments. With weather integration into Maximo Scheduler, planners and supervisors have an additional tool to use while building work order schedules that are accurate and safe. CSRs provide a better customer experience by advising and informing the customer of weather conditions on the day of an appointment.

Dynamic Dispatching

With Scheduler, dispatchers are able to tap into traffic and weather data to optimize their dispatching in real-time. If a field technician is on their daily route when an emergency comes in, the dispatcher can easily identify the right technician for the job. Once the emergency work is complete, Scheduler automatically re-optimizes the rest of the technician’s day, so the highest priority work can be tackled first. If a weather emergency impacts travel conditions, Scheduler pushes alerts to workers in the field to ensure safety, while also utilizing traffic data to help the workers avoid damaged roads.

Tools for managing complex projects

Large projects often contain complex networks of dependencies. Work on one task might not be able to begin until work on another task under a different parent work order is completed. With Scheduler, these predecessor and successor dependencies can be viewed in Graphical Scheduling. We are also adding the ability to highlight the critical path, show a Pert chart, and track the activity and project completion.

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