IBM Maximo Spatial

Working closely with the market-leading provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions, ESRI, IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management provides users with visibility into complex GIS information. This solution provides a geospatial context of work, assets and relevant land-based features, which improves reliability, longevity and efficient work execution.

IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management not only gives Maximo users insight into GIS-related data, but GIS users also gain visibility into the business processes around work and asset management activities, which are equally important.


Map Work Center

The Map Work Center is a GIS Centric application that uses the map as the primary UI to have access to Maximo data and tools. It enables you to leverage other existing Work Centers to be used and opened from the Map Work Center. Interesting features are the configurable map layers and actions defined by configuration and automation scripts.


Dynamic GIS Functionality

Empowering levels of awareness and insight that dry numbers alone cannot provide. IBM Maximo Spatial benefits include:

  • Seamless user experience provides access to dynamic GIS functionality, instead of simply viewing a static map;
  • Aligns with the specific business needs and improves work planning and analysis while eliminating the need for data duplication;
  • Leveraging GIS functionality inside Maximo creates efficiencies in business processes and improves communication;
  • Allows organization to take advantage of data that is not maintained in their GIS systems, but provides valuable insights for decision making;
  • New features enhance performance, usability and security.


Map Work Center

Want to see more? The Demo below shows the Map Work Center and its features in IBM Maximo Spatial.

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