Organizational Advice Service

OXplus Organization Advice Services helps you align your organization and processes in combination with software systems. Solid processes and a good acceptance level of the end-users are key in the success of any system implementation or process redesign.

Our services are split up into several alignment aspects:

Process Analysis and Improvement
Processes are the base foundation of any organization. Improving processes means improving your organization. In some circumstances, a new process is needed or an existing process needs to be altered. In every situation, this will affect the organization, which means that software-systems and employees will also have to change. In every situation, it is key to involve all aspects and systematically analyze and improve your processes. Taking all aspects into consideration will enhance the success of your organization’s effectiveness.

Processes Implementation and Adoption
A new organizational process is not fully operational before it has been fully implemented and adopted by the employees. This can only be attained if the right approach is chosen; an approach that suits the organization and its employees. Efforts may be lost if the right decisions are not made.

Coaching and Guidance Process Improvement
The start of new processes and making process improvements demands specific expertise. The new processes must be implemented in a secure way to prevent lost efforts. Through coaching, the new work method will be adopted by the organization in a more natural and educational way. Only when employees embrace the process themselves, the implementation has truly become a success.

Advisory Board Services
All large-scale implementation projects are complex and full of pitfalls. The help of advisory board services can prevent these pitfalls and several improvements can be suggested to enable a higher project output. Through years of experience in several markets and industries, OXplus has gathered profound knowledge to make projects successful.

Interim Management
Oxplus has several expert leaders and managers with years of experience who can temporarily fulfill a management position.
Through extensive experience in various positions (from senior management to team leaders) in several organizations, we are able to offer you the right person for every situation.

What Makes Us Different?
We understand your organization and help you develop it. Through years of experience and the drive to improve your organization, we will attain the best possible outcome together with you.