Project Management

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to obtain specific project goals.

A project can be defined as:

•    A temporary endeavor with a defined start and end,
•    Time-constrained and often constrained by funding or deliverables,
•    A vehicle to meet unique goals and objectives, which should result in beneficial changes that add value.

The temporary nature of projects is in contrast with normal operations — ‘business as usual’ —which are repetitive, permanent or semi-permanent functional activities to produce products or services. In practice, the management of these two systems is often quite different and, as such, requires the development of distinct technical skills and management strategies.
The primary challenge for project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while still honoring the preconceived constraints. Typical constraints are scope, time, and budget. The secondary — and more ambitious — challenge is optimizing the allocation of necessary input and integrating them in order to meet pre-defined objectives.
However, research has shown that 80% of the projects exceed budget, time limitations or do not reach the required level of acceptance within the organization.

In order to make projects successful, it is highly recommended to link a project’s business objectives (time, budget, quality and deliverables) to the change management objectives (new work methods, motivation, elevated knowledge, commitment and acceptance of employees).


How Does OXplus Achieve Successful Projects?

– Project Effectiveness Assurance & Qualifying Unique Enablers
We combined our knowledge and skills and developed PEAQUE, which helps prevent failure and guarantees a successful project that delivers true added value to your organisation.
PEAQUE is all about control, validation and mitigation of risks with a primary focus on your business objectives and to get your staff aligned during and after the project.
The two models within PEAQUE (Project Iteration Model & Project Integration Framework model) are both easy to understand, measure and control. Moreover, both models are aligned with each other to integrate both elements. This will keep your project on track and creates a transparent process of gradually working towards your final business benefits.


SCRUM generally promotes a disciplined project management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation, a leadership philosophy that encourages teamwork, self-organization and accountability, a set of engineering best practices intended to allow for rapid delivery of high-quality software, and a business approach that aligns development with customer needs and company goals.

The main goal of both methodologies is to elevate knowledge, commitment and acceptance of employees within all levels of the organization. It will keep your project focused on the true value – your business objectives – and will broaden the project’s focus from delivery-oriented to what is truly important for your organization.

OXplus is very experienced in both methods, thus guaranteeing successful projects provided by our experienced Project Managers. Even more important, we take up ownership, which will make a crucial difference in the project!