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Elements such as advising, organizing, designing, optimizing and maintaining processes are all implemented using leading Enterprise Asset Management software. This includes the management of maintenance processes. For example, the measuring points for wheels or doors.

The system monitors when maintenance is required. Starting with software and expanded by security, guidelines and cloud data. OXplus delivers the complete package.

We offer online services and applications that are available everywhere. This includes every application that is of importance to Asset Management.

Cloud services, business applications and new technologies such as IoT and Industry 4.0 are all elements that we use to bring your organization one station ahead.



Organize Your Assets

Reduce the burden of administrative hassle and eliminate paperwork. EAM enables you to assign every asset to a physical location, and all documents to a centralized database.

Improve Service

By improving the organization’s responsiveness, quality, reliability and safety, EAM prevents loss of productivity due to downtime.

Save Time

Less time spent searching for information on facilities, equipment and other physical assets. EAM software streamlines communications through proper context, smart filtering, asset databases and specification.

Save Money

EAM software will help save money by optimizing the ROI of all assets. This is done by eliminating costly emergency repairs, improving equipment uptime, increasing asset lifecycle, effective preventative maintenance and condition monitoring.



Cloud services

Our Cloud services are closely associated with common cloud offerings. Platforms such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). These cloud platforms combined are referred to as the SPI model.

SaaS is the software in which OXplus hosts its EAM applications. It is available for your business everywhere, allowing you to create and deploy applications without investing in the underlying infrastructure.

Business Applications

Our business applications include any application that is of importance to Asset Management. Including applications that add significant value to our Customer’s business. They vary from large line-of-business systems to customer specific SmartApps.

OXplus differentiates itself by implementing and optimizing world-leading EAM systems.
Moreover, we think it is important to advise our customers about all possibilities. We have furthermore developed various SmartApps and autonomous Decision Support tools, which can run on any available EAM system.

Technical innovations

OXplus embraces technical innovations, of which the Internet of Things (IoT) is an example. A system that interrelates with computing devices, digital machines, objects or organisms. They are provided with unique identifiers and an ability to transfer data over networks. Without IoT, it would require human-to-computer interaction.

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