Why OXplus and The Cohesive Companies are a Perfect Match for You

OXplus chose to join forces with Bentley Systems to strengthen our position in the market and continue to attract, inspire and develop passionate people. In this update by OXplus founders Henri Snijders and Richard van Dongen, who will both stay on in their current roles, give you an overview of what is in store and how you can benefit from OXplus now being part of The Cohesive Companies within Bentley Systems.

In the earlier press release OXplus CEO Henri Snijders said, “We are excited that OXplus is joining The Cohesive Companies to strengthen our position as a leading digital consultancy firm in the railways and transportation sectors. I would like to thank all the team at OXplus for their work and dedication in making this milestone possible.”

Richard Van Dongen, OXplus CCO, added, “Advancements in going digital are driving improvements on major railways projects leading toward the breakthrough advantages of infrastructure and of rolling stock digital twins. We know that together, we can deliver even more operational value for the transportation sector.”

Working on the prestigious Riyadh Metro Project and supporting its Maintenance were driving factors that captured attention across the World. As the Global Leader in Enterprise Asset Management in the Railways and Rolling Stock Industry this positioned OXplus to join The Cohesive Companies and further accelerate their growth and service portfolio.

Being part of a Nasdaq listed company like Bentley Systems, with over 4,000 colleagues, provides OXplus and its clients, employees and partners a lot of advantages. Given the impact we can make as One Cohesive, possibilities are endless.

The Top 3 Benefits we see for our clients and partners are:

  1. Working with a major player that operates on a big global scale and combines the best companies in the World of Enterprise Asset Management;
  2. A broader services portfolio, including digital twins and asset performance management;
  3. An increase in resources and shared best practices across multiple industries.

We are happy to answer any questions that may arise and love to help you gain even more value from your current or new OXplus Partnership, by providing you with the benefits of OXplus combining forces with Bentley Systems and the unparalleled experience of The Cohesive Companies.

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